Dixie McCorkell on Promoting “Welcome Home”

Dixie McCorkell, owner of Triplestrand Promotions,  has been promoting Michael Stosic’s new single “Welcome Home” since January of 2016.

Interview with Dixie McCorkell / Triplestrand Productions / Independent Country Music Radio Promotions / 4/18/16

Dixie you host a syndicated radio show called “Country Legends in the Making.” I understand your show goes out to over 400 radio stations around the world with an approximate listening audience of over 2,000,000 people. You first played Michael’s song “Welcome Home” on your show in early January. Do you recall what the reaction was from the DJ’s and listening audience?

Locally it went over very well.  So well in fact, that I was getting requests to hear the song again before I’d even finished my show.  Comments from the djs I work with filtered in over the next few days and the response was overwhelmingly positive.  Immediate reaction is that they wanted to see the song to be able to play on their own shows.”

You then included Michael’s song on one of your compilation CD’s that went out to radio stations in Mid-February. Since that CD went out do you know approximately how many radio stations are playing “Welcome Home” on a weekly full rotation basis?

Over time, nearly 2000 fm stations in 32 countries have included Michael’s song in weekly rotation.  Over time, some of those stations have dropped Michael’s song only to add it back to rotation due to requests from their audiences.  It continues to get strong airplay in all the areas of the world that I work with.”

How has the reaction been from the DJ”s and audience on this song from the compilation CD?

Michael’s done extremely well with the song.  Not many artists get so much airplay with their first release but Welcome Home has been an exception to that rule.  It has definitely touched a chord inside the listeners with its inspirational message.”

Is there a certain region in the country that seems to be playing “Welcome Home” more than others?

In the US, there tends to be more airplay for Michaels songs in the South and the west and east coasts, but that is mainly because there are more stations that play independent artists concentrated in those areas.  Worldwide, his airplay is pretty even in distribution amongst the countries I work with.”

Do you recall what caught your attention about “Welcome Home” when you first heard it that caused you to want to air it on your syndicated radio show in the first place?

Beyond the quality of the production of the song—I’d have to say it was the message of the song—one of hope and promise that made me want to air the song.  As a Christian myself, I can relate to that message and it was a perfect fit for my syndicated gospel show Into The Light as well as having great crossover potential onto my other two syndicated shows Country Legends In The Making and The Americana Collection.”

Thank you so much from your time!

Dixie McCorkell CMA/CCMA/ECMA

Triplestrand Productions


artist promotion site


“Country Legends In The Making”,

“The Americana Collection”

“Into The Light” (Country & Americana gospel)


(syndicated radio programs to over 400 AM/FM stations)


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